Here is a great list of Girl Dog Names for your Dachshund.

Our list of Girl Dog names was carefully crafted to give you many options for naming your female Dachshund puppy.

Take some time to observe her personality, character, or physical traits. Always cute, your little girl Dachshund begs for a cute name.

Look over our list and I’m sure one of the names will Jump out at you.

Here is our list.


Girl Dachshund Names

Female dog names, girl dog names

Any ideas? If this list doesn’t give you any ideas, I would even suggest consulting a baby name book. After all, pretty soon your Dachshund will be acting like your next baby, right?

Don’t worry if it takes a few days (or weeks) to decide on a name. Sometimes a name will come to you in your sleep or once you see your sweet little doxie. We chose Daisy’s name on the long drive after picking her up from the breeder. My wife and I spent probably two or three hours tossing different name ideas back and forth. We finally settled on Daisy since she was born in Louisiana and Daisy is a nice Southern name.

Visit our site as we are constantly adding new content and names to our list. Feel free to suggest names to us that you feel Must be added to our girl name list. We greatly apprecitate your input!

Also, visit our picture pages to see more Dachshund names as submitted by our regular site guests.

Good luck in your search for the perfect Girl Dog Dachshund name!Have fun, too!

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