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Here you will find lots of adorable Dachshund photos to browse.

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Claude and Claudette



Toby photographed by Tjin. Click on the photo to see more from Tjin!

Cocoa, Kimba, and Brandy…Please click on this photo for more info on these beautiful dogs

Honey…Click on Me!

Three photos from photographer Olivia Nelligan

Daisy from Collene Goldman. See more of her work HERE.

Honey is an adorable long haired cream owned by Liz Kearley, living in Charlotte NC with her husband, Kevin and two other cute doxies,Teddy and Chili.
dachshund,puppy, dog

Slinkie from Brent and MariLynn’s collection of great photography on Flickr.
dachshund, black and tan, puppy

A cute black and tan from Strollers. See more of his great photography on his Flickr page.
dachshund, puppy, smooth dachshund


A beautiful shot of Bogey from David Jansen.

Dachshund, miniature dachshund, Cream Da
Here is Yogi, a beautiful shaded, cream Dachshund owned by Dan Bennett. Thanks Dan for this great shot!

Congratulations COCOA!

Another great photo from Nao-Cha Photography of her adorable Black and Tan Dachshund named Cocoa. Here he celebrates his seventh birthday with a well deserved bone, and he shows off his balancing skills!

Thanks Nao-Cha

Dachshund Daisy's first picture

Thanks again to Christopher Nichols for this stunning photograph of “The Mighty Samwise”. Visit his great Weiner Art on his Flickr page. Thanks Chris!

Dachshund puppy, English Cream, Benny's

Thanks to Donna from Benny’s Dachshunds for a super cute picture of one of her prize English Creams. Click on the photo above to go to her website!


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