Dachshund Personality and Behavior

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Dachshund personality is always fun to talk about because, well, the Dachshund is just a funny dog all around. Appearances aside, the wiener dog is well known for many of its great qualities, but also for some not so great qualities.

Let’s be positive, though, and fill you in on why we love our wiener dogs. If you are considering a Dachshund as a family pet you couldn’t do much better.

First off, these little guys and girls love to play and have fun. Natural comedians they will do almost anything for a laugh. Talk about attention hounds!

The adorable looks and cute faces they will make to try and get their way will test even the most strict of doggie parents. If you are having a bad or stressful day just call to your Dachshund and as they come prancing over to see you, your bad mood will most likely disappear.


Another Dachshund Personality owners and fans rave about is their incredible sense of loyalty. They will love their family to the end and can be so attached you will probably have a permanent lap warmer!

Of course, every doxie is unique and some may be more cuddly than others, but most are always by your side. Watch out where you step, especially in the kitchen or in some tight places, because you may hurt a little paw if you are not careful. A good nickname for your Dachshund will always be “shadow” since they are hard to get away from.

Many times your Dachshund will be a one-person dog, and really favor one of your family members. The dog will love everyone in the family, but always seem to gravitate to that one “special person”

Don’t worry though, if you are not that person, you will probably be a good “backup lap” if the lucky chosen family member is not home.

Excellent Companion Dog

Did we mention these dogs will be your biggest fan and always be at your side? A great Dachshund personality trait is their desire to be a great companion to you and your family. In addition, Dachshunds are easy for young and old alike to take care of due to their small size. Always up for a walk (or nap), Dachshunds are eager to please.


Dachshunds are a very intelligent breed of dog and have a hunting instinct that drives them to be independent and at times “outspoken”.

The positive side of this Dachshund personality trait is their ability to “out think” their prey and to learn and accept training. However, their curiousity and stubborness sometimes test their trainers as the Dachshund wants to do things in their own way. They know what you want them to do, they just aren’t sure if now is the right time to do it:)

The important issue with training your Dachshund is to start early, as with all dogs. Good training techniques will help establish yourself as the boss, and help control some of the Dachshunds’ tendency to be rebellious.

A funny story about the intelligence of a Dachshund is seen in our dog, Daisy. She loves to play and when her big sister, Nika (a well mannered Rottweiler) takes her ball away, you can see Daisy plotting her revenge.

She usually goes to the sliding door and barks to be let out. Once out, she grabs a tasty leave on the porch, and comes back in to tempt Nika with it.

Now Nika, is a very smart dog also, but her stomach usually gets the best of her. As soon as Nika, sees the leaf which Daisy has strategically placed within her view, Nika drops the ball and the trap is set!

Daisy runs around behind her and grabs the ball. Victory!

Bravery and the hunting instinct

The Dachshund was bred to be a brave, hunter. Always “defending” your yard from “invaders”, the brave wiener dog will jump into action as soon as a squirrel, rabbit, or bird may get too close. As hunting dogs, they need to be busy mentally and physically. This directly influences the Dachshund personality as the dog can and will become bored if not exercised or engaged with.

This, unfortunately, can lead to some misbehavior on the dogs part in the way of chewing, biting, barking, etc. These negative tendencies can be reduced by regular play and exercise. The Dachshund can usually get out some of their energy just by playing with a ball, or bone, or even with a car ride. Walks are best but not the only option when you have a “huntin’ dog”.

The Dachshunds’ excitement level rises for twenty or thirty minutes and then it’s time for a nap. Your Dachshund is now so happy.

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