Dachshund Facts (Introduction to the Noble Wiener dog!)


Here we will present an introduction on the Dachshund and some basic Dachshund facts.

The Dachshund makes a great family pet and outstanding companion. Their intelligence, loyalty, and toughness show off their long heritage as a brave hunting breed.

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What made you decide on the Dachshund? If you are not yet a lucky owner, why are you drawn to the low-slung hound with a big attitude?

I know myself I have always been fascinated by their funny, sausage shaped bodies. Our chocolate, female smooth named Daisy Mae is all Dachshund. She exhibits the personality and traits that make her a perfect companion dog. Fiercely loyal. Protective, tough, and affectionate. Sweet and cuddly. Lively, courageous, and always making you laugh.

The Dachshund is a perfect blend of wanna-be guard dog with spoiled and pampered lap dog. Continue reading to get to the Dachshund facts

One thing is for sure. For such a small dog, the Dachshund gets lots of attention walking down the street. In fact, your doxie will demand it. Our Daisy seems aloof, but I know she loves the attention. She is like a celebrity pretending to ignore the paparazzi photographers.

Children and adults alike will point to your doxie and say, “Look at the cute Wiener Dog”. Ahh, to be a star.

Let’s get to some Dachshund Facts

A Brief History

The Dachshund has a very interesting history, which I will talk about in great detail later. Please check our website frequently as we will be adding fresh content weekly.

The noble wiener dog was developed in Germany in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, although there are illustrations from as far back as the 1500’s depicting a Dachshund-like dog. Some even believe that the Dachshund has been around since Ancient Egypt! I call it the “Mystery of the Dachshund Dog”. Maybe a screen play is in order. Imax here we come.

But Seriously, they were bred from several existing breeds to produce a dog with short-legs, an elongated body, and a courageous spirit to hunt small game such as rabbits, hares, foxes, and even boars.

Excellent digging skills and the ability to chase their prey through small tunnels made the Dachshund a perfect and fierce hunter.

In fact, Dachshund means “Badger hound” in German.

Now I can’t remember the last time our Daisy Mae tackled a badger, but I know she would love a shot at one. Her instincts are still intact, and whenever a rabbit or squirrel makes the mistake of entering her turf she jumps into action. Pulling at her leash, and making these fierce battle barks crying “Let me at it!”

Exercise Needs:

This brings us to our next Dachshund fact. You must WALK YOUR Wiener Dog. They need exercise. Most of us know this. The Dog guy on TV says do this 2 times a day for 30 minutes. But after a long day at work or early in the AM, it is not always the first thing on your to do list.

Even if you have a large, fenced in yard, the walk allows you to let him/her know you are in charge. Plus you get some exercise to boot. We will talk later on about other ways of getting your Dachshund some exercise other than the traditional walk.

Dachshund Variety

Another Dachshund fact you should know is that Dachshunds come in many varieties in both size and appearance. That is part of their appeal.

Generally you get short legs, long body, long snout, and big floppy ears. However, lets looks at some of the size choices you have within the Wiener kingdom.

From small to large, you have the Miniature, the Tweenie, and the Standard.

The Miniature:

The miniature, weighs in at a light on the lap 11 pounds (5Kg) or less. Bred to hunt smaller game, such as rabbits, these pint sized versions could go into the smallest of tunnels to grab their prey. The poor rabbits didn’t know what they were in for. If a miniature dachshund is on your Christmas list, then expect to pay alittle more. A true mini-dachshund is alittle pricier and finding a reputable breeder is important to stay under the 11lb weight limit.

For example, Daisy was advertised as a miniature dachshund. She now weighs 15lbs. Oh Well, we’ll keep her.

This brings us to our next unofficial weight class,

The Tweenie:

Not an official breed definition, the “Tweenie” is for doxies that fall between the miniature and the standard weight. Hence, “Tweenies” weigh in over 11lbs (kg), but under 16 lbs.(7kg). I like “Tweenies” just because I like saying “Tweenie”.

The Standard

The larger standard dachshund weighs in at a mighty 16 to 32 pounds (7 to 14kg). Females will be at the lower end of the scale and males at the top end. The Standard Dachshund was bred to hunt the larger prey such as badgers and boar.

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