Dachshund Crate Training

What is Dachshund Crate Training, Why is it important and How do we do properly do it?

What is Dachshund Crate Training?

Crate training is a training method which involves placing your puppy in a “crate” or, as we like to think of it, as a “doggie-bedroom”. It is NOT cruel as some outsiders may think. Nor is to be used as a form of punishment.

Crate training is a great way to housetrain your Dachshund puppy. It also provides a safe “den” for your dog and your belongings at night or when you can’t keep a constant watch on your Dachshund.

Why is it important?

Well, for a few reasons. One, remember that your Dachshund’s natural instinct is to burrow and dig underground. A properly sized crate offers him/her this sense of security and refuge that being out in the open does not. If you kneel on the floor and open your legs slightly, most Dachshunds will want to hide and burrow between your legs.

Sit on your couch and throw a blanket on your lap. Where does your little doxie go? Yep, right under the blanket as close to you as they can get. A crate is fullfilling this same instinct. Your puppy will feel safe and secure in their crate.

Secondly, your Dachshund will not normally go to the bathroom in the same spot that he or she sleeps. This is one of the main reasons crate training works so well. You are teaching your puppy to develop bladder control and keeping your rugs clean!

Finally, Dachshund crate training is a great way to keep your Dachshund safe in many various circumstances. For example, if you need to travel on airplanes, trains, or just in the car, your puppy will more easily accept his “home away from home” if he has been properly crate trained.

This is a great way to keep your dog out of harms way if you are cleaning your house, moving furniture, or doing home improvements. Any dog is very curious and wants to get close to the action, but “crating” your dog will keep them in a safe, “non-invasive” part of your home.

Of course, bedtime is easier if your puppy knows exactly where he or she is sleeping. The puppy will feel safe and secure in their night-time den and you will never have to wonder what kind of mischief your little doxie may be getting into in the middle of the night!

How do you Crate Train your Dachsie?

Read our Housebreaking your Dachshund article for specifics on how to use a crate for housetraining.

To teach your puppy to enter their crate on their own follow these few steps.

Dachshund crate training is a relatively easy thing to teach a dog since their basic instinct is to burrow in a small space, but this proven technique will make it even easier.

Step 1: Place a toy or small treat in your puppies’ crate and announce “Go in your Crate” or “Crate time”, etc.

Step 2: Shut the door of the crate, stay in the same room as your puppy, and wait 5 minutes or so. They may start to bark, whine, and fuss about. Do Not release your puppy from the crate if they are acting out like this. Wait until they settle down.

Step 3: Reward your Dachshund while they are still in the crate. This is important! You are teaching him or her that being quiet in the crate is the proper behavior and will be rewarded.

Step 4: Release your puppy from the crate. Repeat this drill several times per day.

Step 5: Increase your puppy’s time in the crate by 5 minute intervals each day until your Dachshund can stay in his crate for 30 minutes.

Other important tips:

1. Make sure you take your dog outside to relieve themselves after spending long periods of time in their crate (30 minutes or more)

2. Repeat the above steps while you are out of the room as well.

3. If possible, place your puppy’s crate in your bedroom at night. She will feel much more secure knowing she is with her “pack”.

4. Eventually, you will not have to use treats or toys to entice your dachsie to enter their crate. Just saying “Crate time” or “In your Crate” will send them running headfirst into their little den.

5. Remember: Do not punish your Dachshund by putting them in a crate! You want your puppy’s crate to always be seen as a place of safety and happiness.

Which crate should I use for Dachshund Crate Training?

The main concern in choosing a proper crate for your puppy is size. A properly sized crate is large enough for him or her to stand up, turn around, and lay down. Don’t be tempted with the bigger is better theory here. Remember, your Dachsie will be more happy in a burrow than an oversized space.

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